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Handi Bobs

6 Count.  Plastic bob easily inserts into spool of thread to hold a bobbin with matching thread. Instructions: 1.Push Handi-Bob into spool like a thumbtack. Loop end of thread on nearest thread trap(if spool has enlarged hole - push Handi-Bob through a scrap of paper napkin or like material for snug fit. 2. Bobbin snaps into place - tilts for removal. Handi-Bobs adjust themselves to your bobbins. Do not use thread trap for bobbin thread - simply rotate bobbin in place to wind loose end inside (for faster bobbin removal.) 3. Handi-Bob fits over all machine spindles - no need to remove from spool while sewing. 4. To remove Handi-Bob from EMPTY spool for re-use, TWIST and pull.